Sunday, January 24, 2010

recycle with friends

Here's an idea that was started by my friend Toki: Take all those old cards you've been saving but probably won't ever send. Put them in a shoebox and pass them to a friend. Ask her to take out what she likes, put in what she's ready to get rid of from her own stash, and pass them on to another friend. I like it! And I love a hand-written card.

I have also heard about friends who scour their closets for things they've been hanging onto but haven't worn in a year or more...wrong color, wrong fit, you spent too much on it, someone gave it to you... and they bring their stuff to a ladies night and swap their stuff! The great part is that you get to go home with a little wardrobe upgrade for free! We do this informally among friends around here.
"A Giant Racer Making A World's Record,
Bonneville Salt Flats,
World's Fastest Speedway"
Anyhow, I am nursing a sore throat today and don't feel up to more writing. But when I do, think of all these (pictured are just a small sampling) cards I will have to choose from! Happy recycling with friends!


  1. Fun ideas! Especially when I think about the some other things I would love to recycle like books, puzzles, fabric, etc.! -Lili

  2. Oh yes, I've done the clothing swap thingy and it was quite fun. It was great for work clothes because I hate buying them, being as they are very boring and all.

    I hope your poor sore throat is feeling better. I've just been reading recipes for homemade cough syrup and I read one that purports to cure sore throats: Juice of 2 lemons, 1/4 c honey (must be local honey, the recipe says), 1/2 whiskey. Warm together the honey and lemon juice, cool, add the whiskey. Store in the fridge and take 2 T before bed.
    I bet it tastes *delicious* and if it also soothes your throat then so much the better!

  3. I love the idea of sharing cards. In our increasingly email world, it feels good to put a pen to paper and send a note off.