Wednesday, January 20, 2010

visit to Vermont

Little tomtens were all around.
(Hello! Cuteness! Will be making some I hope!)
OK, for those of you who are reading from places where Vermont sounds as exotic as the Maldives sounds to me, Vermont is a nice New England state situated at the far left of the New England states (L-R: Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine on the coast). Or you know, I hear about places in the middle of the country and sometimes scratch my head about their exact whereabouts. (Alright, so you're obviously not reading because I'm an excellent geographer!) And just another FYI, getting to Vermont from Maine does not involve any straight lines, it's all wiggly with lakes and mountains in between. So it was a nice scenic drive and I listened to some good books on my iPod (Knitting Lessons and The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate). On the way home, there was an accident and I happily sat in a scenic rural snowy place, knitting my little heart out for an hour---the knitting was right on my front seat of course.

I was off to Burlington this weekend to see a sweet family plus a couple more people that are awesome and also happened to be visiting. I slept well (Memory Foam!), ate well, laughed a lot, cooked with friends, held an adorable baby, knit a mitten, and spent time with my very dear friend. This very dear friend cares a lot about saving the world and was recently in Copenhagen for COP 15 and you can read about it at her blog. I'm warning you, she's wicked smaht.
We took some time to visit the Burlington winter Farmers' Market, which happens monthly this time of year. Lots of sweet farmers and makers-of-things, sweet babies, and lots of great knitwear. A bustling and inspiring atmosphere ensued. I came home with Vermont beeswax candles, Vermont hot sauce, and Apitherapy Elderberry Honey. Mmmmm, so tasty and good for what ails you.
One farm was having a humanitarian and chicken special: 2 organic chickens for $10 off, with 10% of sales going to the Red Cross in Haiti. They would have happily sent food, but things are tough with getting supplies there.
Oh delish. Carrots of unusual colors.
A perfect winter get-away. And now I am steeling myself for a new semester of grad school which begins on Monday!


  1. Love that photo of the carrots. I'm craving garden pictures right now with all this snow. I, too, take my knitting with me everywhere. Burlington sounds fun! --Lili

  2. What a cozy getaway! And I love how you busied yourself in traffic. I am determined to learn how to knit this year. A big task but seems like something that would also complement graduate school. I already started - 203!
    Good luck this semester!

  3. Trust me, it all sounds very exotic from over here, Vermont, Maine, you name it, I like it.
    The drive sounds very lovely and I'm mightily impressed that you had your knitting handy at all times. And I love those carrots- they are so beautiful! Did you know orange carrots were only bred in the last few hundred years, and bred solely to please the Dutch Royal Family? Just thought you might like to know that.