Sunday, February 7, 2010

35, day 1

(Well actually, I have only been 35 for about 6 minutes...But hold on! If I was in New Zealand with Mary Nanna and Miss Smith, I would already be well into my 1st day of 35!)
party favor Valentines
repurposed Nikki McClure calendar,
you know those little mini pictures of the months that live on the backside
of your calendar
Rolled-hem hankie crafternoon! (Reminder tutorial is here.) Lots of laughing, pretty fabrics, fun books to share. And sewing friends.
A Gratitude Wrap made by Marcia, so I can take my notecard-writing on the road.
Inside, three pockets for a notebook, notecards, and stamps. So pretty and functional, and let me point out to you that there is a LOT of bias tape on this project. Which is a pretty big pain to sew. I do appreciate that detail!
We had snacks. This wasn't one of them. (But may I say: Y U M)
These folks know me well. Somebody even organized these friends into bringing lots of fat quarters to share with me! Look, this is the chicken themed pack (Note the white fabric with what appears to be hexagons: it's chicken wire!):
This is the yummy greensy goldsy bluesy selection (including some fabrics at right that originate from Ghana) and a little gifty from Rhea of Alewives (awww.):
And Oh. My. Cuteness. Donut and coffee mugs. Little tiny Japanese girls with parasols?! I ask you.
And we now have our very own Chia Obama, the "Determined" version (he also comes in "Happy"). We will post progress photos of our first African-American president with his organic green afro. Yes! We can!


  1. Hey well happy birthday to you! What a lovely looking day- all the good things. Enjoy being 35!

  2. How clever those fabrics are. I love the chicken wire especially. There's a lot of snobbery in sewing circles about wearing patchwork fabrics but I'd wanna sew them into something for me (if they were bigger than fat quarters of course).

    Happy birthday Iris!

  3. Chia is not just for growing afros. I just learned that Chiapas, Mexico, from whence I have just returned, was named after the Chia seed -- a seed that is supposed to be packed with nutritional benefits. We drank lemonade with Chia seeds. Crunchy and refreshing!

  4. As much as I am lovin' the ObamaChia (very cool!) I am lovin' all that fabric action even more... I just wish I could have been there with you. Looks like you had a great time and I could not wait to read this post!



  5. Looks like you had a great time (i knew you would!) I just wish I could have been in two places at the same time and had been there with you guys.

    Happy 35th ( you should just knock off ten years and start telling people you're 25, don;t you think?)