Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursdays (and Birthday Part 2)

On Thursdays, we head to our little local ski mountain. Apparently it's the only ski mountain on the East Coast where you can view the ocean from the top. I am a non-skier, but I sit in the Lodge and read articles about youth in libraries and their research skills while knitting and talking to friends. I liken myself to a Roadie for a band, you know the person who handles the gear and the amps and the bottles of Vodka for the musicians? Except I am handling bags of boots and helmets and dry socks and neckwarmers ("warmneckers") and snacks, snacks, snacks (not Vodka). Plus my knitting and reading and whatever else.
The kids get out early on Thursdays, so for a few hours things are pretty mellow and it's a bunch of people I know. And you know, I *am* sending off my babies up the mountain without me. But that's the thing, is that it's a perfect way to gain that bit of independence: to explore the world and navigate lines and experience the injustice of teenagers who sometimes cut in line and take another run and ride up the lift and chat with someone you don't know and just keep going.
Because I have never been that worried about my kids talking to strangers; I want them to know how to talk to people in the big world and to know who feels like a safe person to approach. What I do hope is that they would know who and how and when to ask for help if they need it.
Today, adorably, Sylvan tacked himself on to a group of middle school students from our school because his usual ski buddies were not around. And it was really sweet to see all these extremely cool people taking the time to include him. At one point, he was skiing extra fast to catch up with a favorite older girl and he took a spill on the mountain! But two of the coolest cool boys happened to be right there to help him up, collect his poles, and encourage him. While one skied ahead to tell me, the other skied down slowly with Sylvan. I love that these older cool boys had the chance to show their big-hearted kindness today.
My sweet boy drawing his robots; this one is a collaboration. We have been inspired by the movie Robots and also by Miss Smith's wonderful robots.
Oh. And this is Punk Ida. Riding in her Red Wagon. Random, I know, but you see these kinds of things around our house sometimes. Like the Turkey Baster.
Here are two more pictures from my special day. If you look closely, you can see I am wearing my sweet felt pin from MiesMama! (Cake was lemon with vanilla bean frosting. Mmmmm.)


  1. Hooray for non-skiers and for cooler cool kids who are not too cool for school and for lemon cake with vanilla bean frosting!

    (Yum yum!)



  2. Camden Bowl looks perfect for the kiddos, I've never been but I would enjoy a good ocean view while skiing too. Happy belated
    35th to you...your cake looks yummy...and sounds like a wonderful flavor combination! ~Lili

  3. Oh yes, I'm always the support crew with skiing too, it's far too...well...cold...for me to enjoy being out there on the slopes (and also I am very bad at it). I LOVE those robots by the way, totally inspirational. It's making my sewing fingers itchy just looking at them.