Sunday, September 5, 2010

oceany goodness

We spent the afternoon at the beautiful Reid State Park (click here for last year's visit) with the waves and sun and a few great kids and friends. This was the week of our heat wave, the unseasonably humid, hot weather that reached into the 90s every day last week. We live in Maine for a reason: to avoid this type of nonsense, thank you very much.
So. I actually swam in the ocean waves! I felt the sparkle of salt on my skin! And when I was tired of the sparkly itchiness, I used the outdoor showers at the very nice, new, and clean restroom area.
We wrapped up the afternoon by continuing south down the peninsula to the little village of Five Islands. Quintessential Maine cuteness! A little dock with a lobster pound, some picnic tables, and a little Annabelle's Ice Cream stand (and there was delicious lemon sorbet for me, since I am not eating dairy!).
Boats, water, sun, sky, ice cream, adorable children, and good friends. What more could one ask for?
Oh yes. Small(ish) feet. My favorite kind.
When I get old and am looking back on all of my photos, will I still have such delight in children's sweet feet? Somehow I am always moved by the innocence that I see captured there, and particularly by the barest glow of light on the leg hair (at right): so unselfconscious and perfect and right.

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  1. Do you remember a few (okay, maybe eight or more) years ago, there was a car commercial (audi, perhaps?) that featured Five Islands. They didn't show the sign or anything, but this executive type (from Boston, surely) hops in his fancy car and escapes to Maine, just to have lunch at the local lobster pound. And it was Five Islands. Definitely. And it made me want to watch more television, just so I could see that commercial, and think about summer and secret Maine spots, and smile.