Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the summer's rollicking finale

I have barely had time to download my pictures off my camera lately. We have been busily enjoying summer to its max...our annual trip to Moosehead Lake, and a first visit to Reid State Park yesterday (real waves, big surf, people getting pummeled by waves and suits full of sand).
anders was the best at this
sophie has the best hair and a great splash
carl and sylvan being cute and sporty
The creative endeavors at Moosehead this year were mostly along the lines of utilizing air mattresses and bicycles in unusual ways, wearing our bathing suits all day, taking multiple swims, and laughing a lot.
air mattress flotilla
a devilish smirk that can only mean he's up to no good
a quiet moment one morning
when sylvan was the only one ready to go swimming before 9 am

My school semester began yesterday and the kids won't be in school again until September 14.
mr. crafting dadda catches some surf on a boogie board
So I toted along my management text to the beach and even read some (3 pages!), though it was hard to compete with 1) the view, 2) the peoplewatching, 3) the overheard conversations floating on the breeze ("he only had one eye but he was still a great bowler..") This is my hardest time because I have no regular time in which to do my school work.
drip castle magic
Remember that I promised you a glimpse of Jonas's sailing trophy? Here is The Harbor Cup, 3rd place:
So I am taking a blogging break for just a bit, until I get my feet on the ground. We'll see how long I can stay away.


  1. Yeah, Jonas!!! Congratulations on your best sailing skills! We love the Harbor Cup, 3rd Place. We are sure you deserve it. When will you take us sailing with you as Skipper???


    Meme and Bumpa Wayne

  2. Hi Sylvan,

    What were you trying to catch with that net? Did you swim before 9 AM?? We love the picture of you running on the beach!!! We want a copy of this picture.


    Meme and Bumpa Wayne

  3. Hello!

    I just discovered your blog and your latest entry struck a chord: so hard to squeeze in school work in the midst of life, summer, kids. Lovely pictures. And well wishes for your time away!