Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A few summery items

Hydrangeas courtesy of Joanie's garden
This Friday night is the Sewing Lounge at Alewives, and this Friday there's a Buttercup Bag Sew-along! There are nibbles (sushi, chocolate, other yummies) and a relaxed atmosphere and Rhea has kindly asked me (?) to come be the Buttercup Go-To Girl of the night. I guess because I have made a few this spring and summer, but come on, I am guessing all the ladies that will tote along their machines will be WAY more qualified than me to work through this bag! ANYway. Ana, Lex, Mary Anna, Miss Smith, Emily or any other sewing readers, can you book some last minute flights from your respective corners of the world so we can have a sewing date this Friday?
We live in an area that has these crazy microclimates. At work last night I was ready to bust out a sweater, as we had been socked in with fog and damp and chill all afternoon. But when I drove 10 minutes inland to the site of our evening's relaxed summer family cookout on the lake with friends, people were swimming and it was actually hot.
Unfortunately I missed the watermelon fun in the water (hilarious). But I did not miss the above shot of glee.
I also did not miss the sun-soaked freckles and eyelash shadows, thank goodness.
Or this.


  1. Oh, Iris! If only I could hop on that plane, I'd be there this instant. Hopefully one day, and soon, life will allow such carefree moments. To meet you and so many creatives would be to know a full heart!

    You are most definitely the girl I would go to for the sweet buttercup. I've my very own to tell me so!

    Eyelash shadows and moments of glee...precious.

    Peace & summer sunshine!


  2. Thanks, go to girl!

    (Yes, YOU!!!)

    Can't wait to do some sewing...



  3. Oh my! I would LOVE to come to the buttercup sew along. Thanks for inviting me! One of these days I will get to one, you just mark my words!

    PS. You have beautiful, beautiful children.