Saturday, August 15, 2009

maybe the fun can stop soon?

Friday evening found our family at the Camden Yacht Club for the Summer Sailing Program's Awards dinner. Here are the knees of two friends, proud mamas of two seaworthy mates!
It was gorgeous and hot and blue skies, so we could almost forget those 6 weeks of gray fog and rain. When Jonas was NOT complaining about being out in a boat in that. What I was so amazed by is that by the end, he was sailing alone each day, and wow, yet another skill that I don't share! That still just sort of blows my mind! It's a great program and Jonas would sign up for all 8 weeks next year right now.
We picnicked outside, there were certificates for all. And some special sailors received recognition for their seamanship, hard work, dedication, helpfulness, and/or racing skills.
The side show was this little yummy ladybug and perhaps future blogger with her camera in hand. And a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e elbows!
So you (wait: I just had to kill a mosquito that landed on my finger as I typed. I know it had Buddha nature, but Oh Well.) caught a glimpse of my second Barcelona skirt...
with this fun, bright peony fabric. I suppose a better blogger than I could tell you the fabric designer, but I am just terrible at that. C'mon Rhea, help me out here. And photos soon will show you that I have QUILTED MY QUILT. Yes, by machine, not by hand because I actually wanted to have it done in my lifetime and hopefully by winter. So all that is left is the binding. I had a lovely lesson at Alewives with the super nice and patient Rina (former primary school teacher, can you picture it?) and I am hoping for more time with her to do the binding.
This is a gift I made for Miss Black and White polka dotted skirt, mentioned above. It's the Shop Around Town bag, not super heavy duty, but good for some library books, a visit to the farmer's market, or art store. It rolls up pretty small and can fit easily into a purse.
And the only photo missing from this post is:::

My boy, holding his silver Harbor Cup Award for excellent seamanship in the Intermediate class. Wow.

(And the title of this post is because sometimes, in August, in Maine, there is just so much fun all the time that I feel a little stretched at the seams. I mean, it's all good, but it's just all so much, all the time. I am more of a February type of gal, cozy at home, happy by the woodstove, happy to be in bed by 9, not a party animal. I'm taking some deep breaths.)


  1. Oh, Iris! It's just delightful, every visit here. Your gift for sharing the story of your life uplifts all who stop a moment to quietly be.

    The skirt is fantastic as is the shop around town bag.

    And I look forward to the tales that future blogger will tell!

    Congrats to your Jonas on his most wonderful accomplishment in sailing.

    Peace and joy!


  2. Beyond lovin' my fabu bag -- the "bookalini" is going everywhere these days. So versatile, so cute!
    Thank you, craftingmamalibrarian.