Friday, July 3, 2009

lots of spirit

(red shoe obsession)
Happy 3rd of July!
Are you sick of hearing about our crappy Maine summer weather yet? Well, OK, so the weather for this year's parade of boats around the harbor was not like last year's.
That's fine because the spirit of the parade was just as infectious. The Camden Yacht Club's youth seamanship program is pretty special and Jonas is loving it again this year, no comments from him about the weather.
that's my salty sailor at the left,
with two seaworthy mates

And the morning class made these awesome boats out of lobster buoys, which we are just lousy with up here in Maine. They wash up on beaches all over the place, and now we'll know just how to craft them into something new and awesome.
The masts were dowels and the rudders were those thin little slate rocks we have around here, lending a bit of weight and balance to the contraption. I understand that placement of these rocks are key to proper floatation, just like on real boats. They really floated!!!

Whatever the weather, we'll weather the weather and have a happy weekend and summer anyway.


  1. I think Jonas is in it for the chicks!

    I love that last photo of the lobster buoy boats: it really looks like an arial photograph of real boats (except for the big boats thing going on in the background).

    Happy 4th!


  2. Hi Iris and Jonas,

    Susan and I were so happy to see you in the yacht club milieu... Jonas looked like quite a skipper.