Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Voila la Skirt

It's done: the Amy Butler Barcelona Tiered Skirt. Yup, even the boring hemming part and snipping of stray threads.
I love it! And thanks to my friend Kim, (who let me try on her size M), the size is perfect. I even shaved off another half inch while sewing up the sides, so it's really perfect.
I feel pleasantly summery and girly trying it on, though I haven't worn it out yet. (I'm saving it for a date with the Mr. for its debut.) I feel proud of doing my first zipper! And proud of making a skirt with a liner! Hooray! I am already thinking of making the A-line skirt, and soon, before the summer of boundless sewing time is over... and I am reading textbooks again.
Anyone know what this unusual-smelling flower is that is suddenly rocketing out from my clump of Solomon's Seal? It's so pretty and delicate, though I am not sure I could take it inside my house.
Miss E. received her PJ pants with aplomb. I am afraid the colors are a bit washed out here, in life, they are more intense and groovy. I am eager for her next sleepover so I can do a true photo shoot!


  1. gorgeous, well done Iris, and perfectly matched tiers! I'm impressed!

  2. Oh very lovely! I sew and sew but never for myself...perhaps you have inspired me. I don't know if I can find a pattern for faded Levi's and white T-shirts though. did a great job.


  3. Oh, Iris! It's absolutely beautiful! Congrats on your first skirt. You did a fabulous job! A zipper and a lining? I'm totally impressed. I've done a zipper. They still scare me. But I've not yet done a piece of clothing with a lining. When I get to where I want to be, I do want to make myself some happy, pretty skirts. You'll be my inspiration!

    And those pj pants for Miss E look groovy. I know she's enjoying them and I anticipate the photo shoot with pleasure!

    Peace out & sunshine!


  4. Miss E's pj pants are beyond groovy. Was the accent fabric choice – little eggs! -on the cuff subconscious or purposeful? With the brilliant Iris one never knows for sure.

    Brava on the fabu skirt.

  5. J'adore la jupe. C'est magnifique!

  6. Oh, Iris, I LOVE how your skirt turned out. I saw a gal at the Quilt Show today wearing a tiered Barcelona skirt and now between seeing hers and seeing your lovely version the tiered is definitely my fave (LOVE the raw edges) and I think I need to make one for myself!

    GREAT job!



  7. Beautiful skirt Iris - it came out perfect! I definately am getting out my machine again! ike