Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthdays, etc.

the whistling pitcher
I've been a bit busy this week. For one, it was great weather and I have been working on my Amy Butler Barcelona Tiered skirt (promise to have photos soon). For two, my baby just turned seven (really?) which called for some celebration. It's hard to believe that I have a seven year-old. He has been having a little crisis lately---am I a baby or a big almost-first-grader? It seems he was just a wrinkled and sweaty little newborn, then a chubby chubbo baby, then a toddler with long blond fluffy hair. He still likes a good cuddle, for which I am grateful.

Here are the ingredients for a summer birthday around here: outside fun, low-key, a few families and special friends, some music, good food.
We started with Whiffle Ball at a nearby field. Some players were complete rookies and were batting with Dads and Moms at first.
Followed by a good hose soaking here at home. It was a sticky, humid sort of day that really called for wetness.
Barbecue and potluck until our bellies were full, like this, of Jenny's great beans (from a not-stolen recipe, she got it fair and square), Rickie's wonderful jicama-apple slaw, terrific green salad from Brooks (sadly, a little neglected, but really good, I ate some), chips, etc.
A little impromptu mandolin music, thanks to Bruce.
Thankfully, we managed to squeeze some dessert in. Mr. Crafting Dadda created two amazing frozen cakes for the birthday boy using homemade ice cream and sorbets. Above, mango sorbet topped with lime sorbet. Decorated beautifully with flowers by Hannah.
And this one was mint ice cream with mint from our garden, with oreo cookies as a middle layer, and oreo frosting around the sides. Decorated with Junior Mints and jimmies by Jonas and the meringue mushrooms by Hannah. The only sane choice was to have both.
One very special present came this way. All wrapped up in a box (with air holes), and carried by her UPS Dad, came one of Sylvan's favorite friends, Sophia. The looks, as she popped out of the box, on both his and her faces, are not ones I hope to ever forget.
And one more present. The first raspberries.

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  1. those cakes look amazing, love those mushroom decorations. looking forward to seeing the skirt!