Thursday, July 9, 2009


A long sunny day---and I wasn't at work!

We gardened, mostly working on filling up those front gardens. I busted up a bunch of sod, revamping the Grandparents' Garden. I am a little sunburned and tired and feeling good.
And I finished the curtains for my bedroom! Hooray! Don't you just love that birdie fabric from Alewives??? I also finished Jonas's second pair of PJ pants, but he hasn't let me take a photo of them on him yet.
We have ten new babies, five weeks old and cute: 5 araucanas, 4 cochins (fluffy slippers and super mellow), and 1 New Hampshire Red (since we are sadly missing our old Reddie). We (using the Royal We, here) are on a strict regimen of hand-feeding and handling them, so they will continue to be tame and sweet.
So far, one is called Mavis June (she likes to climb on my hand and arm) and one is called Sophia Mae (a friend to Mavis and named after Sylvan's friend, since we already have chickens named after two other of his favorite girls, Alice and Zola). Then there's Reddie #2. And possibly Fluffernutter, pictured above right.
And here is some very happy lettuce, being such a ham and practically shouting "cheese."

Have you seen these two videos of adorable children? Charlie Bit Me is our family's new favorite shortcut to giggles, followed only by Once Upon a Time with la tres adorable Capucine of the enormous eyes.