Sunday, June 14, 2009

some creative endeavors

Tamarack flowers/cones
Maybe you have made a visit to my new project already, but if not, I sure hope you'll stop by. Unfurling Ferns is a new little creative venue for my friend Kate and me. Kate is a new friend, the fiancee of a dear friend, and isn't it grand when your friends pick out great partners and you love them practically on sight? So one of the things I loved right away about Kate was her great photos. And after being inspired by A Year of Mornings by Vettese and Barnes, I decided maybe it would be fun to have a photographic conversation with Kate. 
Sewing books
scored for $4 at a booksale
We decided, since we also share a tendency towards verbosity, that we would keep words to a minimum. So how it works is that we each take turns posting a photo, giving the post a title, and saving it as a draft to wait for a reply. Then, the person who replies goes ahead and publishes the post to the blog. It's fun to share something like this with someone who I am still getting to know. Getting to know Wordpress is completely annoying, but it has some cool features which makes its user-unfriendliness ultimately worth it.
the bird fabric
on its way to being curtains for my bedroom
So how about this gorgeous puppet? The work of Joanie, of Primrose Puppets, when we had a publicity photo shoot for some local performances coming up this summer. The word on the street is: she takes special orders for any puppet you might have in mind. She dyes her own silks, has a propensity towards perfectionism, and has made some truly remarkable creatures and personalities (large and small). Keep this artisan in mind...

If we had TV
Sylvan may not have discovered yet another 
low cost amusement:
Marble in the Wok Lid

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  1. I am getting ridiculously behind on commenting on my favourite blogs! So, to summarize recent thoughts that I hadn't got around to writing, I loved the temper tantrum that was restrained enough to wait till it got outside! It's like a mixture of rock'n'roll and marshmallows.
    Secondly, I DID check out your new project and I'd just like to tell you how gorgeous it is! You are both great photographers with a great outlook.
    And third, your sewing is looking very very beautiful. Lovely fabrics, neat topstitching, tip top!