Monday, June 1, 2009

Pajama Pants: Complete

My first projects that are actually meant to fit someone: pajama pants. Two small someones, actually. Since the Owl Fabric is still on order, on my recent trip to Alewives Fabrics (new website is worth a look!! and there is fabric for sale!) I picked up some really soft brushed cotton (lighter than flannel) to practice with.  
I took two pairs of good-fitting pajama pants (just too short), folded them in half, and traced them out. I used the outer edge fold technique, which works fine if you are a boy with little bottom. Unfortunately, I under-bought on length, but added on a little border of my favorite hedgehog and ladybug fabric (the very last of it). Amazingly, it matches both pairs!
I need to add a longer crotch in Jonas's next pair, but he said they were still wearable just not as baggy as he likes. 

If you have wondered about where I was for this week, I was away on a tiny little island with no cars, twelve miles off shore with Jonas's class, as a chaperone for an overnight camping trip. 
It was wet both days (I was the nagging mom of 14 who was militantly insistent on staying dry and warm, wearing hats, and raingear, etc.) and about 48 degrees F. But it was also wonderful. And no one got hypothermia.
Many many comments of "This is the best trip ever!" Which proves my favorite statement, borrowed and interpreted from those hardy Norwegians: There is no bad weather, only insufficient outerwear! 
These children are the lovely sort that, at the mere suggestion that there were plenty of rocks to be balanced, took off with rock balancing in a passionate concentration. I retreated to a respectful distance and watched.
Many snails were lovingly hummed out of their shells:
And even at ten and eleven years old, when given the opportunity, there were pairs of children reverently constructing houses for the fairies. No one was ever bored.

Again, I feel grateful. Lucky to be able to do what I do in this life.


  1. I really enjoyed this post took me back to the days when kids were part of my daily life. Great shot of Jonas!

    Got another complement on my sweet dotty bag today...I loved it from the start but am loving it more and more each day.


  2. The pants came out great, Iris! A little tweak and your eldest will be comfy and totally content with wonderful loungers made from your loving hands. So good!

    And your adventure on the island with these gifted children sounds delicious regardless of weather. A breath of fresh air that shall linger for each and every one present.



  3. aaahh, yes! appropriate clothing is the key to a good hike. that saying is especially in use here in bergen, where it rains alot. good post, proves that kids are content with so 'little'. i don't know about bigger laptop lunchboxes, or other bento boxes - the japanese are not known to be big eaters - but i'll forward the question to ledybug-zen in japan :)

  4. I love that little trim on those pants...

    What's that they say about "necessity being the mother of all invention?"

    Great job and thanks for the shout-out!



  5. oh, i love those pants! I need to make some for my kids.

  6. Wow, those a great jim-jams you've made there.
    I am really impressed and a little jealous of your island adventure. I love wild and remote places.