Monday, June 8, 2009

Season of Celebration

Strawberry-rhubarb crisp tart redux. Last week I made one for Lis (sometimes reader of this blog), as thanks for the manure load she gave us for our garden. Today it is for Jake's 7th grade potluck, which is tomorrow following the end-of-year Assembly. And I made Heather's yummy quinoa salad for that also. Oh and tonight's dinner. This is in case you were wondering where all the food pictures have gone.
Today was Sylvan's Bridge Crossing. This is a tradition for the Early Childhood classes, where each child gets to each walk over a festively decorated Bridge into Summerland at the end of the year! This year is extra special because it is his final crossing; today my wee baby crossed the Bridge into 1st Grade. As the oldest, he went first, which didn't give Mama a lot of time to get her prime photo shot set up.
Each child is given a flower. The ones crossing into 1st Grade receive a special necklace.

last week at Sylvan's class picnic, 
at the best playground ever:
view of the harbor, playthings, and shady grass
(extra bonus: hill for rolling down)

So. After tomorrow, summer begins for us. Forecast is rainy and high of 57! Typical Maine weather in June. 

::Stay tuned for a new project I am collaborating on...or take a peek by checking out this link.::


  1. strawberry hearts!
    thanks for sharing with us your lovely way of seeing the world.

  2. Oh, Iris!

    First, I love all the celebrations of youth at your children's school. Their educational experience shall be one of great pleasure and memory in the years ahead.

    Second, your food pictures are always so divine which leads me to...

    ...your new project! I love it! I shall bookmark the new space and learn a bit more about you which is delicious!

    Peace out!


  3. Is that Sylvie in the red pants - he looks just like Jonas in that picture! wow, the first grade already! This blog is all so beautiful and the pictures are great - Hope to visit soon - I am missing all of you and it has been way too long!
    Love, Bumpa

  4. Oh Iris,
    That rhubarb tart was so delectable! I still think of it.......