Sunday, June 21, 2009

ten years ago

we were married in the house that has belonged to Jake's family for generations, in Wellfleet, on Cape Cod (it's that little arm that pokes out from Massachusetts), with our little 6 month-old Jonas, and some close friends and family, in a beautiful pine grove on their property that felt like a church.
you can't see it,
but he's wearing my favorite gingham shirt
So we decided to celebrate with an evening out (thanks, Dad and Susan) at Primo, which is primo on so many levels. Remember our date this spring, when we went to Fore Street? We may not get to have many dates, but when we do we like excellent food and good company as the criteria.

The special cocktail of the night was a strawberry mojito with lemon balm. We said: yes, please.
This tiny little puff of cheesy pastry and crab with tiny baby greens was our amuse bouche...
Do you love these knives with the bees on the handle?!
We got to have adult conversation and some great eavesdropping and people watching. The hit of the night, which I am sorry was not so photogenic, was the wild mushroom soup with crostini and wild mushrooms served atop with a few truffle shaves. I mean, we are talking about light (creamy without being overly dairy-laden), completely smooth-textured, rich with morel and other mushroom-y flavors, and basically what I would choose to eat in heaven. We both had it, and I am so glad we opted NOT to share. It would have been too difficult.
my entree:
halibut with farro and wild mushrooms
Jake's dessert of the night has now beaten out my fresh blueberry pie from last summer as his best of all time dessert, below. Apple tart on the left; buttermilk vanilla ice cream with a sliver/crisp of apple, middle; hazelnut tart at right. And get this: the accent was (ready?!) Candied Bacon.
they squiggled Happy on my plate
and Anniversary on his
two chile truffles and a smile of candied orange
(we had already consumed the sour peach gellies)

And today was father's day. Two dads were busy replacing a rotten porch on our outbuilding.
Two crafty dads....
Jake and my dad
(who made the rocket ship)
My new favorite song, yes go listen and watch right now. My spouse of ten years may be pushed over the edge to divorce (or maybe just leaving the room) by my propensity to play a song on repeat when I really like it.


  1. Hi Iris,

    I listened to None of Us Are Free. I liked it a lot, very poignant for all times. There is a reading in our Seder that says the same thing. Truly a sentiment for all times.


  2. Oh my gosh, Primo, yes, I love it.

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  3. Congratulations dear Iris on your 10 years of marriage! That is wonderful... and for me it seems to have passed so quickly. I wonder if it feels like that for you as well?

    I also really loved the song None of Us Are Free... and what a great video! I bet it would be fun to hang out with those gentlemen and hear what they have to say. I bet they have some great stories.

    I look forward to watching you and Jake spend many more amazing years together! You are both so inspiring in so many ways... xoxo Hannah

  4. I refuse to believe it's too late to send good wishes on your anniversary as I am a most avid proponent of continued celebrations well beyond the occasion! That being said...enjoy and bask in the glory of your life beautifullly created with your husband, children and extended family!

    Each and every morsel of your wonderful dinner sounded heavenly. What delight!

    Peace out and happy summer days, one after the other!


  5. Wow, your wedding sounds so sincere and personal and well, just lovely. Congratulations and happy 10th anniversary to you. By the way, I LOVE that skirt with the blue bias edge, it's inspired.

  6. How has ten years gone by? HOW?

    Thanks so much for "None of Us Are Free". I've downloaded it, am listening to it now.

    Happy fourth! I miss the Bar Harbor festivites, but a float in the pool and an airconditioned (refrigerated) movie are what's up for me today.

    Love you and miss you,

  7. Wow, I discovered your blog through Picking Posies and my mom lives on MDI so it is sweet your fern blog and this. I shared your song on facebook with my friends. Your meal was divine! Wishing you many more wonderful times together even though I don't even know you.

  8. Thanks for stopping, Ellabellie! And thanks for the good wishes.