Monday, June 29, 2009

The trouble with crafty kids

is that they take your best, tiny, sharpest scissors and don't put them away when they are done.

Apparently, my favorite buzzy bee sharps have not been seen since the day when the boys constructed these tiny paper houses for these plastic cat things. What with our trip away, and the constant moisture (yes, ten MORE days of rain are forecast), I am hoping fervently that they are not mossing over in some hidden corner of our house.
Are you digging the fire upon which a marshmallow is being toasted?
Tiny bluebird in the bird bath, outside Sylvan's creature's home. Inexplicably, it's called Hippopotame, French for Hippopotamus.

I picked up my sewing machine from the Guru today! She's running so smooth right now...And also picked up a refurbished Singer Buttonholer for $13 that happens to work just fine with my non-Singer machine, AND a zipper foot. Do you just love this case?
It feels so vintage and hip, and I can't wait to use it.
And here is a peek at something I am trying awfully hard to get finished by tomorrow, someone's special day. I'm hoping she'll be too busy taking care of the garden and making cheese at a workshop to visit the blog before her day!

This is an un-prettified picture of my workspace. Having had this weeklong-plus break from my sewing machine, somehow I misplaced the right buttons, and my seam-ripper, and other important items. Can you see why it might be easy to misplace things, with this messy workspace? I had to take a break and straighten things up a bit, because I was verging on and fro-ing between my art/fabric wardrobe and my sewing table, like "did I put the buttons here on the top shelf of the wardrobe? no wait, maybe they're on the table under something...or maybe I should check again in the wardrobe...did I check UNDER the table???" Turned out they were actually still in the bag from the fabric store.

My talented friend Carrie has a similar problem, but somehow manages to create works of wearable art that blow my mind each time I see a new one.


  1. wherever they may be, your boys worked wonders with the scissors! i wish my boy was a bit more like that, but he just simply hate creative stuff.

  2. well aint that the truth, our scissors travel miles in our tiny house, and end up in the strangest of places.
    your boys make very, very cool stuff.