Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the loud birds are still awake

...and it's 8:45! That's a sign that we must be close to summer. You know, I have more pictures of my Alewives Fabrics visit the other day. Of course. How can I NOT go there with camera in hand? 
The Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bag
Yummy, plush flannel birdies
It was a pleasant Sunday, I was with Joanie (go ahead, leave her a comment, it'll knock her socks off!), and there was beauty all around the store. 
Rhea (aka Alewives Girl) encouraged me to cut my border fabric for my quilt (so handy that I toted it along), right there in the store with all the nifty gizmos. But really even better was her standing there lending me moral support and watching my patented technique of holding my breath while cutting fabric.
Rhea at work on a duvet cover
You see? Gorgeous.
More later about that sparrow fabric...
I kept coming back to this pattern.
I am not sure I am ready for it.
Good to know such cuteness exists.
I am excited to tell you that Ravenhill is having a giveaway: two prizes for the craftily and sewing-minded. Check it out---although by telling you, I am lowering my own chances to win. But I guess that's how much I like the people who are reading this blog.

Finally, a question or two. Sometimes, does getting out the door in the morning feel like a creative endeavor to you, finding the right shoes, having the teeth brushed, not being a broken record about socks on the floor, etc.? Or the elaborate way that we juggle the schedules of four family members? (And believe me, I would not consider us over-scheduled, just...well, four people). So do you have any tips for morning smoothness and/or peace? What's your favorite type of morning?


  1. Oh my, those fabrics are so beautiful. If I'm ever in your neck of the woods I'm going STRAIGHT to that shop and then to your place for some of that yummy soup you posted about a few posts ago.
    Mornings. Yes. I know. In our house, we have a mornings sticker chart. To get a sticker, each person must get dressed and put their jimjams away in their rooms. I say "Who is getting first sticker today?" and they race to get through the two jobs. I have no idea how this would go with older kids, though.

  2. Hey Iris,

    I have no words of wisdom for you, but you sure do photograph the store good!!!

    My morning problem is that I LOOOVE to have a SOBE juice in the morning but it tastes sooo bad after I brush my teeth.

    Not the same thing at all, but it's my personal daily struggle.

    Thanks so much for the lovely post!



  3. I love those fabrics. There's a store on the north shore that sells Amy Butler fabrics and I'm thinking I might have to get that corn cob out of my tight wadder butt and spend some money on such incredibly beautiful and quirky fabrics.

  4. HA! We're working on the morning smoothness. My favourite mornings are still the ones where I've managed to get all the others out of the house, and have a quiet breakfast all by myself.

  5. Must have the plush flannel birdies!
    Birthday pj pants for Miss e?

  6. Ok, Iris, I am fully committed to your blog now. Especially if you are going to be turning me on to such amazing places and fabrics. Holy Hannah, that is worth a trip. i want those birdies for Raelin jammy-bottoms!