Thursday, July 30, 2009

the stitchin' vixen

Yes, ladies and (wait, do I have any?) gentlemen, the Buttercup Bag strikes again. It is a subtly matching accessory to my new Barcelona Tiered Skirt, because as you see, the interior fabric MATCHES my skirt. Can you believe it? Coordinated handbag and skirt. I had only grumpy helpers available today, so I couldn't pull the whole photo shoot together...but you can imagine.
I love that both sides are different. And I love that this Anna Maria Horner fabric is so varied in its pattern. Also, do you see I am using one button accent per side this time? I couldn't get excited about covering up any of the fabric, and wanted to use the buttons to accent the pattern in its interesting symmetry.
Inside, on the pocket, I did some crazy Traci Bautista-inspired stitching, just for a laugh.
And, oh, that awesome tee-shirt I am modeling? That's courtesy of my girl Rickie, who scored it at the Goodwill in Portland, and can you believe her generosity of spirit that she didn't just keep it for herself?!?! I love it so very very much. I can't quite picture the person who might have cast it aside, like how could you not want this in your wardrobe anymore? Perhaps the former vixen was ready to spread the vixen vibes in the wider world, sharing the bitchin' stichin' love. Anyway, I'm grateful it made its way to me via Rickie (who is stitching her own Buttercup bags like mad!). I wear it proudly!


  1. That is a kick-ass shirt!!!

    Hey, don't you want to come and be our Buttercup Bag guru at sewing lounge this Friday night?

    Please say yes...

    Can I bribe you with a couple of fat quarters or something?


    Your buddy Rhea

  2. I LOVE the buttercup bag...these fabrics are great..and of course it matches your new tiered skirt. That freakin' rocks! And the stitching is wonderful...a creative inspiration indeed.

    The tee? Seriously good. I think it made itself to the very best person.

  3. Really nice! I have been thinking how its time to get back into my machine again - inspiration! ike

  4. Love, love, love! And I'm comin' to visit...did you see?