Sunday, July 6, 2008

"I'm Having the Creeps Because We Found That Bat Nest."

...about so many things, but definitely about taking off your shoes before going into someone's house.
The paper at left was from this fabulous notecard set, and somehow one ended up in my laundry, got washed and wrinkled and soft. No good for notes anymore, but in a new incarnation in this card. A new favorite and a little bit like a self-portrait.

Below, two new stamps! I just love carving my own, it takes me back to my art school days...
This chicken clucky has been in my head for awhile now, but I made it for Sylvan because I made Jonas his own ATC name stamps for the back of his cards:Old stamp, but I still like playing with it and coloring in all those little spots with my PrismaColors:
Independence Day Festivities...
Parade of Boats and Little Sailors; Jonas is at the end of the line, above. Below, picturesque Maine harbor, with parade coming by!
That's our nautical boy at the tiller, our not-a-team-sport kind of guy, but finding his own ways to be sporty:And of course, we ate too. Below, Garlic Scape Pesto smeared on bread by Jake. It's powerful stuff, amazing in its greenness, and so delicious. Jonas prefers it to regular pesto now. We later added grape tomatoes and mozzarella to what's below:
Chilled lemon cream pie with festive decoration and ginger snap crust:

PS The title of the post was from Sylvan at bedtime. He and Jonas found a family of bats living above our woodshed today.

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