Thursday, July 24, 2008

Surrounded by Talent

Yummy summer tart with local berries (raspberries, black raspberries, and high-bush blueberries) and non-local Kiwis (what beautiful party-crashers). Delicious. The tart crust stayed crisp and delicious even into the next day. This was the sweet ending to our feast with friends from Portland and NYC, featuring amazing mussels and halibut, a zingy herb salad, local wine, and berry gazpacho.
A very non-seasonal ATC, above, but that shows you my new alphabet set "Urban," which I love. Perhaps this ATC is in contrast to the un-Hushlike summer life that we are having and---mostly---enjoying quite a lot.

So check out this first ATC by our recent guest, Susan:
The quote is from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and yes, it features BEADS! Blow my mind into a new hair-do! Thinking outside the box is so fun for everyone involved. (Did I mention this was Susan's very first ATC?!)

Below, my sweet Husby's most recent card, with background drawing by Peter Sis and words by Pablo Neruda:
It always takes him a long time to make his cards, but they reflect his thoughtfulness and care. Again, making ATCs with friends and relations is my favorite way to learn and absorb ideas about process, construction, techniques, and gets me shuffled out of my ruts in short order.

Finally, the top card here is by Jake (the aforementioned Husby) and the card below is by our recent guest, Matt:
Hold onto your hairdos...Both men used the same quote by Neruda, Jake's in the original Spanish, and Matt in the English translation, unbeknownst to each other! The English is: Why do I live exiled from the shine of the oranges?

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  1. Hello!
    Love to see the cards made by so many people! The ones with the bead inserts look highly original! And your dessert looks highly scrumptious!
    My mom is here visiting now! We are having such a nice time - today we did some sewing together!
    Hope you all are well.
    ~Emily xxx