Thursday, July 3, 2008

Season of Parties

Forced hugging, brother-style. Note Jonas's first "real" tie, worn by my brother at MY wedding!

We were in the land of armpit weather (hot, humid, disgusting), down in Massachusetts last week, for Jake's brother's wedding. It was truly a time to be out of all of our normal routines...staying up too late, running around to different stores with various family members in search of belts, shoes, a tie, etc. But it was great fun to see family and friends, eat lots of food, dance, and cut loose a bit. And boy was it nice to drive over the bridge back into Maine and feel the temperature drop 20 degrees!
You know how sometimes you get a picture of your child that somehow captures a look from their future? This picture helps me glimpse my Jonas in his 20s. What a stunner.
The groomsman and his wife!

Triplet flower girls stole the show. Their mom and dad are amazing with these girls, especially keeping them entertained for all those pictures of the wedding party that take forever.

"Leon a l'accordeon," above, part of our gnome-ware set, offering fresh strawberries and yogurt. The link will take you to P.O.S.H. Chicago, a wonderful place to browse for interesting china, hotel silver, and all manner of interesting finds. And did you know that Carrie of Pink Crow Studios takes the beautiful photos for their website?

Now back home, back at my studio table, I am carving some new rubber stamps and waiting for the arrival of my new camera...Stay tuned.


  1. lovely summer wedding pictures! those girls were cute! Wow a new camera on its way to exiting! I think you asked about mine...sorry that I didn't reply yet..but I have ' only' a samsung s630..just a simple one but it's ok for me now. Looking forward to see your new stamps!!

  2. Jonas is looking so grown-up! How old are your boys? They are handsome as can be and I love the forced hug! Your little gnome bowls are so sweet. Wonderful that your new camera will soon be in your hands!
    ~Emily xxx