Friday, July 11, 2008

Inspired: Nikki McClure

I just received this gorgeous gift from my mom: Nikki McClure's book Collect Raindrops. It's my new favorite bedtime book; I love to peruse it just before sleep. Each family member has a favorite page, or two or three. You can read all about this talented artist from Olympia (Washington) in the bio on her website, but suffice it to say that although these lovelies look like woodblock prints they are paper cuts. Yes, that's right, I mean she takes a piece of black paper and uses her X-Acto knife to create amazing and sensitive portraits of life, families (and not just Mamas), and community. The color is added afterwards, and often the lettering is hand-carved.

Nikki generously gave her permission for me to reproduce the cover and an interior image. Let me tell you, it was tough to pick just one (I was really tempted by "Respond" which features a woman hanging the laundry, with crows. You probably already know my obsession with laundry lines.) But I adore these robins because I know them so well from my front yard when it is waking up:

Nikki has so many amazing products to check out, but high on my wish list are:
  • The Things to Make and Do journal, featuring these sections: Plans, Wishes, Dreams, Build, Explore, Learn, Make, Grow, Give and Find. I mean, perfect for the "J" type who likes to be organized and somewhat sanguine about her creations and visions. Love it.
  • Twine, the tee-shirt made from bamboo. Picture a ball of twine with a little bit unraveled.
  • All of the notecards, but especially Surrender because I love how you can tell that the little foot belonging to the nursing baby is a newborn foot.
And you can bet I'll be buying a 2009 wall calendar for myself and friends. Thanks, Nikki, for the gift that your work is for our world.

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