Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Boy

On the actual birthday we had peach-raspberry pie with crispy topping, sweetened with honey and sucanat.

The cake at the party was Maple-Vanilla with raspberries and vanilla frosting. For a less-sweet option we had the same cake with cashew cream and stewed berries. Sounds healthy, but both options were really delicious.

This is how the Birthday Mama looked:

Lots of water play on a hot day...And even a special guest appearance by one of our favorite tiny girls, in her birthday suit with blue Crocs on her feet! Below, taking a break from the whiffle ball game:

It's nice to have a teacher for a husband so that on birthdays, I do the catering and he does the games and fun. Summer birthdays are so easy...and the thunder storm held off until after the party!

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  1. Great photos!!!


    Meme and Bumpa Wayne