Monday, July 14, 2008


Gosh, I just love looking at that guy!


It is the week of Sylvan's 6th birthday! Yes, my water-birthed pentuple-Cancerian boy is turning 6, with a wiggly tooth and new bike. This is the boy who loves trucks and tractors, ballgames and boy-games and who is also completely charmed by sweet little people (much swooning if those little ones happen to be nursing). We have a collection of our favorite tiny girls: Alice, Leah, Tula, and Zola. So this truly is a man of the future: manly and nurturing at the same time! There are lots of plans right now, lots of list-making, food-planning, and delegation for a low-key (?!) celebration with a few friends.

More Reasons to Celebrate:

My new camera, which I am happily exploring and liking very much so far. Sometimes it's hard for a mom to indulge herself and feel OK about a big expenditure.

Still learning how to be the parent I want to be, while making mistakes along the way. Still learning how not to keep holding onto my disappointment in myself when I mess up (hmmm, there are others in this household who are still learning this one too). Still thankful that I have someone(s) to test me...just when I think I have things worked out, there are new challenges presented about twenty million times a day. Still grateful to have a patient and loving husband who can love me even when I can't love myself.
(and in case you didn't catch that caption...)

The evening sky, tonight.
Getting into my bed at night is one of my most favorite parts of the day. Even better tonight because I will go to bed having joyfully and completely exercised with Kimberly and the ladies this morning.

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