Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pinks and Reds!

Lis brought us a bit of her Rose Petal Sorbet yesterday. It's pretty much like tasting fairy nectar, and is gorgeous to boot. Later, she offered me as many roses as I wanted from her beautiful garden so I could make some of my own! So in between trays of frozen strawberries, making shortcakes, etc. I whizzed up some petals, a little sugar, and lemon juice and froze it for later.
Here is what my sink looked like after plucking and washing those blossoms, above.

Strawberry Day was yesterday for us also, at lovely Sand Hill Farm in Somerville, Maine. Organic You-Pick berries, sweet people (the most important rule of the farm is: you have to leave with a red mouth), AMAZING and abundant berries (our favorite variety: Early Glow). As a bonus, we even had a sighting of one of our favorite 3 year-olds: trickles of red juice rolling over her yummy bare belly!
And yet how did I forget that while picking three flats is great fun and so easy, processing three flats makes for a long rest of the day...Now we have 10 gallon bags of Red Gold in our freezer!

Oh Erna, this red and pink post is for you!


  1. Such beautiful pictures of summer goodness! I adore berry picking. How lovely it will be to have those strawberries come winter.
    ~Emily xxx

  2. ahh that's so sweet of you to think of me! Love the berries...what are you planning to do with them in the winter? I never froze them..that's why I'm asking :)