Thursday, June 5, 2008


"...Then the Peeps!"

Abundance is a nicer way of saying "too-muchness," which is often how I feel during this time of the year. So in the midst of the Abundant Happenings around here, I took a breather this morning and spent it with Kimberly making ATCs together. The morning that began with me feeling resentful and supremely put-out was transformed into a laughter-filled moment of grace and friendship. Imagine that! As soon as I shifted into the present moment I wasn't able to hang onto my irritation! We munched on her daughter's homemade raw (and totally delicious) chocolate, nibbled at grapes, radishes, and other tasty things while we chatted and managed to produce some lovely cards. So I felt the abundance of being with a good friend sharing our thoughts and creativity together. Here's Kimberly's card for me:
She picked out the card of the feet that I made, pictured in this post, that says: "I'm not your guru, you are." Of course it was perfect because I was thinking of her when I made it!

I took the stamp that I carved at our ATC Make and Swap Group last week and printed it on a crumply paper bag. Then I made a series of three cards with that as a background. I found that I fell in love with using my Prismacolor pencils to fill in the spaces inside the rectangular forms. The original stamp is 1x1 inch, so I kept turning it and repeating it.
"Glow...You'll Need Light:"
"Creating a Shared Intention:""The Benefits of Chanting:"And finally, a card about the beauty of lemons, "Tart Counterpoint:"

Sylvan's Showcase
Here are some of the watercolor paintings that Sylvan brought home today. They came in this large folder, also painted and constructed by Sylvan:

His favorite is this Green one, in which he "made the green myself:"

I like this one, it's the manger where Mary had baby Jesus. The blue light coming from the left side is Mary:

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