Sunday, June 15, 2008

Amazing Gifts

Sharon and Peeps, nesting for the night in the egg box. Do you love the little head peeking out from her wing? They are so fast now, photo-taking is a challenge.

ATC News: Treasures from Away!
Some little treasures have come my way recently! At long last, Carrie of Pink Crow Studio, sent me this ATC (along with the necklace she made me almost ten years ago, and finally needed a new clasp), hand colored and with moveable parts.
The quote reads: "To stay ahead, you must have your next idea waiting in the wings." ---Rosabeth Mos Kanter. Certainly true for me, on the toes of my Taking Forever Socks That I am Bored With, and already eyeballing my next project!
That girl still knows what I like. And since she was also an ATC Comment Giveaway winner, a little something is coming back her way also...I have pictures but I don't want to spoil the surprise.

And Tricia, from way back in art school (now librarian extraordinaire) sent me this one, and she tried going USPS with the card as is, in all it's tiny glory! So this is the back, postmarked and everything:
It did arrive, though the postal people seemed a little grumpy it was not a standard size and put it in a new envelope.
I am sorry to say that the photo does not do justice to the subtlety of this ATC. There is a dreamy quality to it in person:
In baking news...
A freeform blueberry pie, diving into our last bag of frozen Maine blueberries from the stash of 40 pounds that we started out with last August! I kind of threw it together, but the crust is Martha Stewarts' recipe, dusted with a little cinnamon sugar:

Blueberry season last year was heralded by an unprecedented Blueberry Feast that we shared with our foodie friends Matt and Susan, from NYC: Chilled Blueberry Merlot soup, Crabcakes with Blueberry Salsa, Salad, and Blueberries and Cream for dessert. We were fully antioxidized that day.

In sporting news...
Tee Ball season has come to an end! Is this a picture of summer or what?
And my boy, avec his trophy (the baseball spins on the axis, Sylvan would like you to know):
It's drizzly and cozy here today, perfect for staying in my pajamas all day long.

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  1. Speaking of amazing gifts! I got my beautiful ATC from you the other day and have written about it on my blog! I love it Iris! Thank you so very much!!! I seriously have to learn how to make them as they are so delightful! I can't tell you how happy it made me to receive more of your beautiful art.

    love the photo of the hen and chicks and your own children too!!!
    ~Emily xxx