Monday, June 2, 2008

He Graduated

Big balloons, above, thundering around in the wind....

My brother graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design this weekend! Hooray! He is a painter and illustrator, website to be developed soon. We were in Providence, a lovely little city. The graduates augmented their caps and gowns in many interesting ways; I made sure that Jonas understood that the usual way was to be boring in plain hat and gown. There were many apparel students who had created interesting garments with the gowns, some nice hats too. My favorite was a red mushroom on top, and the girl was also wearing a red and white polka-dotted dress---it made me think of Erna! Below, waiting for the graduation to begin with Jonas:

My brother's apartment was this swank loft right downtown, in the Alice Building (perhaps Baby Alice might like to visit there someday?):Sylvan and Nana wait for the car to be brought around the block:
A lovely chair in a storefront, making me think of my fabric-loving friends near and far:
Peep Report
Well, you can imagine my state of mind, leaving the babies! They were in the loving care of Joanie and Forrester---phew. We think that Motherhood may not be easy for Sharon. She goes into the henhouse at night, regardless of whether or not all babies come inside with her, and continues to ignore their LOUD peeps of panic...While we were away, one small fellow spent the night at Joanie's house in a little warm box. Last night, there were two left outside and I helped both of them in, where Sharon seemed very happy to see them again.

Getting feathers!

I have seen one chicken peck at a Peep! But mostly the big chickens seem kind and tolerant. Yesterday, one Peep was outside the chicken wire fence, while Sharon and siblings were inside. The outsider tried to hop through the wire, as it has been able to, and found it was stuck---wings on one side, fat bottom on the other. Of course Sharon was perturbed at me while I was trying to help push the bottom through, and the Peep was panicking! Then I tried pulling the fence a little and somehow the hole must have changed shape just enough that the bottom could wiggle free!
Look at the one in back, stretching those new wings out!
Under the shade of the apple trees that are near the chicken pen. Note the size of the chicks compared to the size of the dandelion!
And the Winners are...
Yes, I picked winners for my ATC Giveaway! Ravenhill, Mosey, and Carrie will be getting cards in the mail soon, as will Rickie and Hannah! I couldn't stop at just four names, so I drew an extra one. Now the hard part: which card will go to which person?


  1. i won i won- yes- finally!
    by the way
    the chicks are looking fine and dandy!
    oh- and the shop opens june 20th thanks goodness not this weekend.
    happy summer iris--see you very soon.

  2. Yippee!!! Thank you for making my day so much brighter! How lovely for me to win one of your beautiful cards!!!

    Your hen and chicks are beautiful as can be, that last shot is just so pretty!

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm so excited! Thanks Iris...can't wait to get your ATC! Love & miss you so much!