Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Treasures from across the Sea
Erna, of Blij als Mij, sent me a few of her handmade items! I have enjoyed reading her blog and sent a few ATCs her way, in thanks for the inspiration. Erna has a shop that you can visit---especially helpful if you speak Dutch! Now I am the proud owner of two of her tiny handstitched hedgehogs (or "hedgenogs" as Sylvan used to call them) that she created for a spring fair at her children's school---bestill my heart, they are precious! Here they are pictured on my kitchen sink windowsill:
Also in the picture above you will notice my seashell ATC display stand, which shows the ATC of the moment. Recently some Playmobil has made it onto my little altar. The little red mushrooms that delight me, as well as my Playmobil avatar, Boadicea (a warrior queen of Celtic origin, AD 60 or so; my girl has her mace in one hand, bouquet in another, with keys on her belt). She kind of looks like me, I guess. I spend a lot of time looking at this kitchen sink view.

And also a lovely bookmark, with ribbon that says "happy." How could she know that my before-bed reading time is such a happy time of my day?
Finally, a little swatch of Delft tile patterned fabric. Adorable.
Thank you, Erna!

In other news...
This is what happens when you get carried away blogging/housecleaning/laundry-folding and your bread rises for a bit too long: the tops come out a little funky. But the loaves are still delicious. When will the Internet allow you to attach an Aroma to a blog post?

This is what happens when you're taking off your sweatshirt and your hand touches the hot loaf pan: you get a little burn and need some comfort.


  1. that's so sweet of you to blog about the things I sent you. thanx :) It was a lovely 'swap' :)

    that bread looks soo delicious!!

  2. Hi there: I came your way by Ravenhill, as she showed us the ATC you sent her. I was reading through your posts and see you blogged with Erna. I found her, too, early this year. She is a sweetie. Your blueberry pie looks yummy. I had planned to be a pie maker this year, but I've been afraid of the crusts! -- Michele