Saturday, August 15, 2009

a little like a 3-Ring circus

...except it was in the backyard of a friend and the performers were all these adorable and wonderfully talented kids. Some might have been daunted by the potential for chaos, but not this hardy and generous soul! Another day in paradise: HOT and sunny, perfect weather to see a show on my lunch hour from work.
the parade comes around the block
yup, it was hot and Jonas is ready to start the show
the stage was set!
that's a cherry tomato on her nose:
the two clowns ate them!
two brothers pogo-ing
zebra and lion in a tango
the expression of triumph after a wrestling match
a naughty monkey (sylvan!) stole a bite of banana
...and crawled all over the unsuspecting bystander!
a two-headed mermaid jump-roping
and yes, that same show-stealing future blogger
mentioned in the previous post
made a terrific sideshow,
as she danced and mowed the lawn, intermittently.


  1. That has to be the cutest circus ever.


  2. I often mow my lawn in a similar ensemble...

  3. I love, love the community in which you live your day to day life. Such fun and joy as so clearly seen on the faces of the most talented little performers that celebrated this fantastic circus!