Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bits of this and that

We are about to celebrate the Harvest Festival at school and each class contributes a different thing to the festivities. So Grade 1 always does these foxtails (good for tossing), and each year the current Grade 1 makes extra for next year's Grade 1's stash. Basically you sew in some ribbons, and leave one side open for little hands to sew up at the fair. I was a little wary to volunteer to make all 16 for this year's festival (making our total number around 50, since last year's class was pretty zealous!), but once I got started it was easy and fun! I am sure you can recognize some of the scraps that went into it!
here's something that will make me glad
for that time of the month
(pattern from Handmade Home)
Grade 5 does snacks (not baked goods, as that is the Middle School's purview). So I will be making a dozen caramel apples also. Photos to come.
Save the date! Jonas will be performing on October 18 in a production of the Jataka tale 'The Brave Little Parrot,' of the Buddhist tradition. The production comes from the creative minds of Kathryn Oliver and Kristi Williamson and will include African dance, singing, and creative movement, not to mention some amazing large puppets. Apparently the wings of Jonas's Eagle puppet actually move on hinges!!!
Need any more be said?

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  1. I so relish reading about the wonderful goings on at your boys' beloved school. The foxtails are a clever and fanciful toy! How nice that the children stitch some of it themselves.

    I have often thought I would like to make some of those essential monthly items too. Yours looks sweet wtih the flannel birds.

    I hope you are having a lovely fall day!
    ~Emily xxx