Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy September

Lately I am doing a lot of creative endeavoring. But not a lot of sewing. This comes in the form of hanging my family's colorful laundry. I decided that since I went the whole summer with barely any laundry on the line (thank you, June), September would be a month of laundry hung out to dry. So far, so good since the weather has been perfect: dry, warm, a little chilly in the mornings.

Also, stacking the winter's wood is another creative endeavor. Today, after mostly a whole day inside (such a crime), I did a wood-stacking, Matthew-inspired workout. Here's how it went: Pick up two pieces of wood, sprint to the woodshed and throw them inside, ten times. Then stack them on the woodpile. Then run back out and repeat, nine times. After 10 I realized that I should do some push-ups in between. So starting with the nine round, I added in the push-ups. Can anyone do the math for me? 2x10=20, 2x9=18, many pieces of wood? With 9 push-ups, then 8, then many push-ups?? Anyone?
I won a giveaway! Skip the Chips (of Swap-Choo fame--and lots of great ideas like this one) had a nice little giveaway to thank us readers and honor her 100th post, and I entered and won! See this adorable little bowl by Elm Studios, now residing on my windowsill? It looks so happy. I'm happy when I see it.
Here's the quick-to-knit sweater I am working on, in a nice bulky merino, the Owls sweater by Kate Davies. It's based on the Penny Straker kids' pattern, but modernized for bigger people ever so nicely. It is slim-fitting, but looks a little small to my eyes. I have tried it on and it seems good and stretchy so far, and very soft. The Mr. helped me pick out the yarn color from KnitPicks. Enjoy your weekend!

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