Friday, September 11, 2009

goodbye and hello

sometimes the light is just perfect
Sometimes I try to convince myself that something is going to be OK. Did you notice any hesitation on my part in that last post? Re-read that last paragraph and it's all there. And so I keep knitting. Trying to squelch the inner feelings of unease that I might be having. And I keep knitting some more. I try on the cute pink Owls sweater, which is supposed to be "form fitting." And I convince myself that it's snug and nice and keep knitting some more.
I knit and read my homework
And then one day, just a casual conversation with a knitter in the library leads me to the immediate realization that what I am knitting is a pink sausage casing; a nice sweater that will always make me feel fat. So I decide on the spot that tinking it out (the opposite of knit=tink) is the only solution. I have cast on in the next size up. So much happier. Goodbye and hello.
People love us. The Hula Hoop Queen posted to Facebook that she was looking to get rid of her trampoline and that it was priced to sell: FREE. I hopped right onto that and replied immediately. And I was the first.
I learned that an empty bladder is best when jumping on it, though there are no pictures of the Mama on it yet, and no, I didn't have an actual accident. Mostly I would rather knit and observe the jumping anyway.
sometimes you end in a wrestle
And that also, it is nearly impossible to not have a huge feeling of glee while jumping. Smiling is sort of a natural biproduct of jumping on a trampoline. The boys have been on it quite a bit these past couple of days. I can't imagine how Sylvan's legs feel at the end of the day.
Finally, a nasturtium looking so much like it is missing a tiny Cecily Mary Barker fairy friend. Or is the fairy there? Can you see her?


  1. Hi Iris,

    Those were great photos, of the black-eyed Susan, the Owl's sweater, and the nasturtium, and the trampoline of course. The photos are vibrant; I felt I could reach out and touch them. How gleeful a trampolilne is, as you pointed out!!! Thanks.


  2. I do so love your photos. And your text. Your blog, actually.
    And I must say I laughed and laughed about the sausage casing.

    WV: Poomall (and I'm not making it up! ha ha ha!)