Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Firsts:: Almost Wordless Wednesday

first day in the beautiful new school

first day of the last year
with his class

first day of first grade


  1. Hi Iris,

    You captured the spirit of the first day of school, "creeping like a snail unwilling to school". I am sure the boys are not unwilling because of Ashwood. Great photos.



  2. Hello dear Iris, I am so sorry that I didn't manage to meet you in person on my visit to the US this time. I am afraid that I am too lazy... I didn't make any plans whatsoever, just lazed about with my family. I so wanted to meet you but it will just have to wait until a future visit.

    I love this post about the first day of school. How fortunate your boys are to be enrolled in the most beautiful and wonderful of schools. I took a tour of it one day when I was helping mom with cleaning up in the room she uses. We were so impressed by the spacious and beautiful classrooms.
    Happy autumn!
    Hugs from Emily xx