Monday, June 7, 2010

Blogger without...

A camera for a week, while it went galavanting off to Costa Rica with my husband and his 12 8th graders. It saw leaf-cutting ants, large spiders, and two-toed sloths, not to mention amazing foliage and gorgeous young people having fun and doing good things in the world.

Then, I was a Blogger Without Any Decent Light to Shoot By. The camera was home, but the light was crappy for several days. Rain and more rain. Dull, dull, dull light.
hmm, which sweetie could this be for?
little smocked dress goodness
(a matching doll dress is forthcoming)
The good news about rain is that there was plenty of sewing time around here. New reversible apron, similar to the one I made here, the Amy Butler Overlay Apron. (Which was not cheap to make, btw, because you are pretty much making two skirts, but is lovely anyway!) I decided to choose one fabric that was more subdued:
And one fabric that was in-your-face Happy:
Thanks to Sylvan for being my photographer and dealing with the very low light and my mood with equanimity.


  1. Nice pinnies, now there's an essential part of home life. I love your choice of fabrics- gorgeous! (And I'm intrigued by your camera's holiday- Costa Rica sounds amazing).

  2. no one puts together fabrics and colors like you do. love.