Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Studio Tour

and from the files of hands and feet...

Heather at Beauty That Moves, has offered up Summer Studio Tour: a chance to share and visit our summer studios, keep up with what we're working on, what's in process. She'll be posting her view on Fridays and I will try to do the same. The idea is to use less words, just photos. Care to join us? (You'll see I posted her nifty button on the sidebar to my blog.)
But you know summer. How things happen at a moment's notice. The utter lack of rhythm. So I am being loose about it, in the spirit of summer: I'll post a summer studio entry between Friday and Sunday. Hopefully. Or maybe on the occasional Wednesday.
And what is the studio anyway? I don't have a dedicated space in my home for my work. I have the kitchen table, the counter, the ironing board, the picnic blanket. So we'll use that loosely also.
Thanks, Heather, for this new inspiration. And Happy Summer, indeed.

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  1. Hi. I clicked over from the studio tour links and found several things here that I just love. I really love your tee shirt (I'm pretty passionate about local food and farms) and I also really love your newest tattoo. After picking about 80 pounds of strawberries two weeks ago (split with four others) I guess you could say I really love strawberries, too. I also just started making my own laundry detergent and I love it! And the last random comment I'd like to share is that my husband graduated from San Jose State. How's that for a very fragmented string of random thoughts?

    Happy day!