Sunday, June 27, 2010

~eat love not fear~

The thing I love most about my work as a librarian is connecting people and resources: it's sort of thrilling, like matchmaking. So when Jenny the Lokel Yokel wanted me to come and celebrate her new solar clothes dryer and share the recipe for homemade laundry soap, I was all for it in the spirit of sharing good ideas that help families be healthy and save the planet.
She blogged about it here. And in the post, you can see that I am wearing this nifty blue tee shirt (Anne Klein, thrifted for $2.99, even more awesome). I wanted to give you some closer-ups of it because it is so fab. It's a collaborative effort between the Lokel Yokel and the CraftingMamaLibrarian: designed and conceived together. She silk-screened it with a low-tech method she saw on YouTube that makes me think of the 80s show MacGyver, if he had been into craftyness---using an embroidery hoop and Mod Podge! So thank you, Jenny, the most excellent MacGyver of crafting!
Eat Love Not Fear. The slogan makes me think of my happy chickens who feel the warm sunshine on their feathers, who nibble up a fat worm, chase after a delicious moth, and scratch up the compost. It's about choosing foods that were raised with love and sunshine and rain, knowing your farmer, knowing your chickens.
If Jenny goes into mass production, I will let you know! Or you could friend The Birchwood Motel on Facebook!

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  1. Summer is here and putting me far behind on blogs. Thank you again for a wonderful workshop and this loverly post!