Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~snaps of summer~

The summer is already in full swing around here. We have finished up the school year with many festive celebrations for the special family members I have; it already feels like a million years ago now that it all ended in such a blur of social activity! Though I like being social, and I like my librarian work, which is all about being with people, I am inwardly a hermit (a vacation at home, alone, is my kind of good time). I need time at home, alone or with my family, to fill myself back up.
But I am married to someone who is the opposite. I'll say something like: Hey, let's have a couple people over for dinner! (And I'm thinking, wow, look how good I'm being, actually suggesting a social activity!) And before I know it, we are hosting an intimate bonfire for 20.It's fine that we're different in this way. I probably encourage him to be more stay-at-home and I know he pushes me to embrace the joys of big parties. It's the big things that really matter that we are in absolute agreement about.
So you've been seeing some pictures here of Sylvan's last baseball game of 2010. We had some special friends join us for the game, including two of his classmates who were SO proud and excited for Sylvan's successes! And also in attendance was this person, above, getting a closer view of the game and a taste of the metal chainlink, one of our most favorite babies.
Atalanta Joy @ five days
Can you believe those cheeks?
And speaking of babies! Only hours after the ballgame, and with much hard work on the part of her Mama, this new sweetness was born! And lucky me, I got to be there for her birth: at home in the water tub. Her siblings and dad were in attendance, with two midwives and another friend, and I had been asked to take pictures of the birth. This was much harder than I thought it would be! It went against every instinct I had, which was to keep things nice and dark for this brand-new person and her family. Every time I took a photo I winced, even with the low-light flash setting. I was so relieved, when I brought over the CD of pictures, that the mama had *no idea* that I had been taking so many and she was glad to have them! Whew.
Atalanta's proud big sister who has been waiting to dress this new baby for a very long time. Nine months and then some.

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