Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is that a cucumber in your pocket?

Well, actually, yes. AND I'm glad to see you.
The cucumber was tucked in the pocket of my clothespin apron, also handy for transporting garden produce.
I went to the garden hoping for *a* cucumber. We have three cuke plants, one of which is clearly an overachiever, 4.0 average type of plant. Or perhaps planted in the feng shui spot of cucumber glory in our garden. So when I lifted a leaf, excited to see a single cuke...and twelve more friends lurking!
These cukes were ready to be pickled: half sour refrigerator variety if you please, recipe in here. This lovely relic of the 80s is the go-to book for what to do with any vegetable. The recipe is easy, no fancy canning, just a brine poured over the cukes, stand overnight on your counter and then put in the fridge for a day or maybe less if you can't stand the wait. Which we barely could.
Refreshing, delicous, pickly goodness. (Matt and Susan, there will be more when you get here, I promise to guard them from Sylvan! And get ready to consume massive quantities of tomatoes, it looks to be a banner year.)

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  1. I like the title of this post very much. You crack me up.