Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Studio Tour :: 2

~Someone special had her birthday~

~June saved the best for last (I was late)~

~She needed Millie's Hotpads in the prettiest summer fabrics~

~Repurposed, felted sweater batting~

~My mods: little finger pockets on the backside~

::Thanks to BeautyThatMoves for organizing the Summer Studio Tour!::
Stop by her site to find links to others who are participating.


  1. They look great! I have been thinking about making Millies hotpads for the holidays. Those finger pockets are very clever, I think I'll try that too (and give you credit if I post it on the blog, of course!)

  2. Thanks Geertrude! The finger pockets were cut from the same pattern piece as the half-moons you cut for the front side. I loved mixing and matching and so much fun to use up small bits of fabric!
    Please let me know if you make them, I would love to see yours!

  3. Aren't these fun to make! You are so right about using up bits of fabric for this project. I love when that happens! I really love the fabric choices you have, they are cheerful. I made them with towels too! Terry cloth and ready made quilting, they turned out plushy & wash great! :) see you again soon, I enjoy visiting your blog, susie.

  4. How fun!! You are my inspiration Iris, I am so in love with how actively creative you are! mwah!

  5. i love these! i can't believe i haven't made them yet... maybe that would be a good next project. ;)