Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Studio Tour :: 3

~a busy summer week~

~moving two boys who have shared one room
into two separate spaces, still in process~
~a birthday with lemon cake and a boy who is almost 8~

~and a knitted sleeve,
no, not a new sleeve,
not the second sleeve,
but the first sleeve
~taking comfort in the words of Winston Churchill
on my knitting bag
(because if the sleeve needed re-knitting to make it fit, so will the body. sigh.)~

::Thanks to BeautyThatMoves for organizing the Summer Studio Tour! Check that link to visit her site as well as finding links to others who are participating in the Studio Tour!::


  1. Reknitting... no fun. But necessary. A sweater that doesn't fit isn't fun either. I love that knitting bag!

  2. Oh that clever Winston. Sounds like a good tshirt idea.

  3. Such a great mix of photos, and I love the bag. Have you seen the "Keep calm and knit on" bags around?

  4. Wait, I didn't see that bee/flower photo last time. SPECTACULAR.

  5. those lemmons look yummy!
    And I must say knitting baby stuff is much easyer than a 'big' one! good luck!