Sunday, July 4, 2010

Monhegan Island: Part One

We had three lovely days in a quite lovely place. Perhaps one of my most favorite and best places, to date, Monhegan Island. It's an hour or so to get out there, by ferry. And once you are there, there's not much to do other than admire the gorgeous coastline and hike along the cliffs and woodland trails. And sit and knit or read your book. (Alternatively, you can listen to an obnoxious cell-phone talker who is doing a conference call about internationally shipping rates. But instead, I alternated between sending relaxing waves of love his way, and wishing I had a cell phone scrambler like the Secret Service.)

manana island, to the west of Monhegan,
former home of a hermit shepherd
Or you could listen to your boys squeal as they fly their kites.
There are just a few island trucks, but no cars otherwise. The perimeter of the island is about 4 miles, and most of that is undeveloped but crisscrossed with hiking trails.
What the boys both really love is the privilege of independence: waking up and taking a sketch pad to draw on the beach. Strolling alone through town. Or being secret agents and spying on your mother, without her knowledge. Truly! I had no idea that there was someone with binoculars hiding in the bushes that may or may not have been on private property.
There were plenty of opportunities to feel like mountain goats. That's me, above, hiking through a little cave that we had visited before and found again!

Wait! Don't jump!
Really, I mean it!
Mom! It's just this small of a jump!

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