Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the Beautiful was all around, pt. 1

Once upon a time there were two boys and a boat. And a kayak paddle. They explored the limits of the elements and the vessel and had quite a grand time doing it. One time they realized that there was too much wind for them to sail back and there they were, marooned! So a rescue mission was enacted: the two boys paddled back to shore in the relief kayak while a dad and another boy waited in the boat. Another dad found the keys to the motor boat, and he and the two boys motored out for the rescue of dad and boy, towing the sail boat home.
coming to dock was always a bit hairy
One small and salty sailor (wait, or should that be fresh?) tied another sailor up!
Mostly there was lots of water and plenty of boats (allsorts) and kids and friends and giggles and knitting and games and meals for ten. (OK, so we had no mattress-riding this year or live private piano concerts by a professional musician, but you can't have everything all the time.) What we had was restful and relaxing sleep to the sound of the loons calling. And somehow being *away* from all of our projects and email and to-do lists was a pretty great gift too.

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