Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The studio corner is coming along. As you can see, it's a little dark over there, so we'll be thinking of some lighting solutions. And I have no chair yet, but I am manifesting something thrifted/found and red, please.
Jonas's orange room looks great. The color is most true in these two above photos. He is enjoying setting things up for himself---you'll notice the LEGO display cabinet, above. What he really loves about the new set-up is the ability to read in bed (now that he's not sharing with Sylvan)...sigh, a boy after his mother's heart. It's a pretty cozy set-up! It's a good time to have a space of ones own, at almost-twelve.
And from the summer kitchen...
The garden is bursting with tomatoes, something that is unusual for us Mainers. It's been hot and mostly dry. (Gardening readers, why am I seeing some little white mildewy spots on the leaves just today? Is there something to do about it?) Our favorite snack is these little Sun Golds, which are like eating exploding sunshine candy in your mouth.
We're fans of salad pizza around here. A little drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette on the dough, pile on a bunch--really a bunch!-- of greens (this was kale and arugula), then shredded beets, cherry or sun gold tomatoes, red onions, a little goat milk feta (for those eating dairy), and a bit more vinaigrette on top. Delish. And a great way to eat a lot of veggies in one meal.
Off for the last hurrah of summer at Moosehead Lake, our annual visit of fun and kids and friends and water. The summer is almost gone and although it's been great, it's also been hard work. I am ready for some structure again!


  1. Lately I've seen lots of things that make me think "I must do that at some point in my life". This post made me think "I must go to Iris's house for pizza at some point in my life".
    The room looks great- that's such a sunny warm colour.

  2. Oh, please please do come for pizza at my house. And wait til you see our new guest room! ;)