Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Studio Tour :: 5

knitted scrubbies for the sink:
simple garden twine, cast on 12 and knit until it's sponge-sized

The annual rock-balancing playdate was had on our favorite beach, between Mr. CraftingMama and our dear friend Matthew from StillmanSays. It's a family past-time and we spread the joys of rock-balancing at any beach we visit that features rocks. They get started and pretty soon other beach-goers are inspired also. Summer studio is everywhere...
Another great production by Terra Diddle Collective, "The Phoenix Awakening," featuring our own thespian Jonas. Who plays an evil king just fabulously! He had some great choreography and I always delight in seeing him enter new roles with his zest for the dramatic.
Kathryn's sets were incredible, as always, and the natural lighting was a joy to photograph.
This is the summer studio post about what everyone else has been doing. I am still, boringly, working on that sweater sleeve. Less boringly, totally all-consuming recently, but not quite ready to photograph is the space transformation you are probably sick to death of hearing me go on about here. It's close. Very close. And it's taken most of my creative juices to produce.

Here's what's thrilling: my studio-corner-to-be has been unearthed from behind boxes of all of our books (now on bookshelves again!--librarian's heart goes pitterpat). I even saw my sewing machine back behind all those books! This idea of the corner of my own came from this post by the Yellow Door Paperie and I just fell in love with the possibility of something small and mine, even if I couldn't have a dreamy studio space. My Corner will need some work: more lighting, perhaps a small wall of a light colored paint behind it, maybe a bulletin board. I put the table in and set my sewing machine on top. It feels exciting, like new shoes. Will post pictures soon, promise.

::thanks to BeautyThatMoves for providing the space for connection through the summer studio tour!::


  1. I've seen rock sculptures like that where we vacation on Lake Erie. Now I have a name for it! Thanks! Best of luck with your new creative space. There must be something in the air; we're all reworking things.

  2. i LOVE the idea of using garden twine. i am going to borrow that one if your don't mind. ;)

    good luck with your new space, no matter the size, a space of one's own is a beautiful thing!

  3. I LOVE your rock art. Anything Andy Goldworthy-ish appeals to me! And the knit scrubbies...I have some. They are fantastic!

  4. Iris, great rock sculptures, and great pictures, I love the one with rocks in a crack. Start a line of cards with them, they're beautiful!

  5. I would love to see your little corner when it comes to life!

  6. Heather---please use the scrubby garden twine idea! A great gift to go with some handmade soap. And you can knit one up in a jiffy.