Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

The boys came home with their beautiful Valentine's folders from school today. School has a policy about handmade Valentines only, which I love. Here are some of my Valentine ATCs---don't forget to snuggle your loved ones today!

And thanks to Carol for pointing out this amazing design-your-own fabric site, Spoonflower! Just when I think my brain is overfull of the best creative things I could possibly dream up to do in this lifetime...Another great one comes along and somehow my brain doesn't explode.
One thing more that I love: APA's latest bag! Find a gorgeous photo here. Her colors and fabric choices are always a knock-out! She is bold, that one, and I admire her for it. Alewives Girl, do you have this pattern at my favorite fabric shop?
The material on this ATC is from my new favorite, recently-weeded book from Rockport Public Library, entitled: The American Heritage Book of Fish Cookery. Really weird and old sorts of recipes and excellent quotes and black and white photos of fish and fisherpeople. Like a person holding a fish eating another fish. Or a person holding a fish that is 450 pounds. I promise to take some pictures to show you before I cut the whole thing up.


  1. Ugh. I *wish* Luke and Jaz's school had a "handmade only" valentine policy. I was shocked at how few of the valentines the kids brought home were homemade. And of course, the kids spent the first half-hour after I picked them up fighting about the fact that Luke got 2 hologram valentines and Jaz (in a separate classroom) didn't get any, and it was all MY fault. I wonder if this is a battle that I could fight and win and change the policy over to homemade only . . . hmmm. I'm inspired to know that it happens elsewhere! (Looking forward to seeing you guys next week!)

  2. Iris!

    I came by today to see your beautiful ATCs. All so wonderful. I'm amazed at how much you do on such a small space.

    I'll have to check out that design-your-own fabric site as I've a pattern in mind. Yum! There's always room for more creative learning. Just weed out the unnecessary trivial things of the past like I do! :D

    Thanks so much for sharing my bag with your friends & followers. That you express such delight in my fabric choices makes me smile and gives me delicious support and encouragement in my quiet world.

    You're a sweet person. Know sweet goodness this Valentine's Day!


  3. I just wanted to stop by and give an internet howdy. I can't remember anymore how I found your blog, but it's been great fun reading and poking around. I love your ATC's, and all the million projects you have here. Oh, and, I am another midcoastal maine blogger. come 'n see! And I think I have to head to Alewive's, like, tomorrow. I had no idea it was there. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  4. Hey Lady,

    I tried to comment before but my Computer was actin' up. I'm afraid I don't have that particular bag pattern OR the fabric (Boo Hoo!)

    But... I did see your friend Joanie today. She is a Hot Ticket.