Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mail Love

Ladies and Gents, I give you Angelo,
a Christmas robot programmed for World Peace, made by Miss Smith.

No, I have not forgotten about my Pieces of Me assignment, but there were some technical difficulties and so a post is in the works for later.

The world has become a smaller and more interesting place, through the blog-friendships I have formed. Remember that package I sent along off to New Zealand? You'll recall it was for a swap, with Miss Smith. And so thrilling, the package arrived to her! I love swaps, and I love sending art in the mail.
Her handwriting is quite similar to my best friend from high school's.

Now I am not saying I am an American with no geographical interests, but before knowing Jenny and her sister Mary Anna, New Zealand was a place that sounded cool, beautiful, interesting, but probably not a place I was likely to visit. Now, the idea of New Zealand with its opposite seasons to us Northern Hem folks, is something I think about weekly by visiting these blogs. If I have some travel bucks sometime, I would love to come visit.
Look, a calendar full of NZ native wildlife! This bird is a Kea.
And here are some nice wooden vintage buttons. Ready to be crafted.

And Jenny, just so you know, I am sorry that your only experience in the US was in Los Angeles. I have never been and don't plan to, and I can tell you that here in Maine, we tend NOT to be small, blonde, and tan. In Maine, we are mostly oblivious to high fashion and people often dress up, but still wear sensible shoes. In fact, one time I went to pick up Jonas from school in about March, and since I couldn't stand the sight of my pale and pasty face one more second I was wearing lipstick. Jonas's teacher asked me where I was going or coming from? Like, lipstick was so novel, I would have to have an occasion or something.
The photo that was meant to accompany the last post.
A piece of Mail Love from Rhode Island,
illustrating that vellum envelopes are always better.


  1. Hi Iris

    what a wonderul swap.. and I am very keen to do one.

    I'm not sure if you had something in mind from my end? I know you are a very accomplished bag maker yourself, so I was thinking maybe I could make an apron, or a pillow to dress the bed with, I was thinking maybe a big foot, with leeches heading straight toward the rotten toenail to extract the

    Ok, perhaps you have some ideas yourself .. email me at marynannasews(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. I will think of you next time I get around to wearing lipstick! Nelson is a little like that too- it's a holiday town and people tend to be in holiday mode and relaxed most of the time. Dressing up is quite a novelty.
    I love that vellum envelope *big time*.

  3. Well it's the 8th here so it must be the 7th there- so that means...Happy Birthday!
    Hope you have a great day today.