Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not a Small Amount of Snow

Those of you with children in school may appreciate the fact that a snow day yesterday, after the week of Anti-Vacation that I had, was not very welcome. We had a great day anyway, just not the day that I thought I might have had. We got dumped upon, old-school style with SO much heavy snow. This was the snow, in the amounts, from my childhood, the kind of snow that is almost as tall as you are when you are small. And the piles from the plow are as tall as an adult. Really, it was kind of magical. I showed you one picture yesterday, but here are some more.
The view out of my kitchen window
Sad old chicken fence, laden with snow.
Small red hat bobbing above the whiteness.
This chicken is to show you just how high the snow is,
like mid-thigh on a medium-sized woman.

After doing bits and pieces of my schoolwork in those rare peaceful moments when the children were playing harmoniously (they HAVE been together almost constantly for over a week), and after working up a sweat shoveling some more, I decided to pack it in and make cinnamon rolls. The recipe can be found here, and I made it pretty much verbatim except with a little whole wheat flour for the illusion of better healthiness. Partly I wanted the aromatherapy, because there is a weird smell in our dining room that may or may not be a dead mouse under the house. The inspiration for the rolls may have come from Tollipop.

They tasted pretty amazing.
And today, everyone was back where we all were supposed to be, namely work and school. And as a bonus, we are healthy, well, and a two-parent household again.


  1. Hot chocolate and homemade cinnamon rolls...you have the luckiest family IN THE WORLD!!!! Wish I could have been there.

    Wish Jake a "welcome home" for me.

    Hugs & Kisses!

    My "verification" word: clogyme

  2. I think that by 3pm yesterday, my girls and I officially were over being together for anymore indoor time. The snow day caught us off guard, as we were all amped up for the back to the ole routine bit before getting walloped. However, by 5pm, the older one rebounded and quickly planned a whole wedding and reception for us to act out for her and we got to have beads thrown at us and eat mini marshmallows while wearing our Sunday best. Alls well that ends well.

    I love every single photo you take, and am totally with you on the sprinkling in of some whole wheat flour/illusion bit. See you in the stacks, or around the blogospotosphere! xo

  3. You NAILED it with your description of the snow, lady...

    Plus I love those Gnome-y mugs.



  4. Whoa!!!! That's a lot of snow! Those cinnamon rolls look sinful! I hope you thaw out and melt soon. :)