Monday, February 2, 2009

Citrus Goes Unwasted

The color feels medicinal.

Someone bought a box of clementines and put them in a cupboard to keep cool. And she forgot about them, so they stayed in the dark cupboard and grew soft. Then another person found them, kept trying to send them to school in lunchboxes, and the clementines kept being returned home uneaten ("too squishy").

So this morning, the first someone decided to juice the whole box, plus one grapefruit and two oranges, to redeem herself.

There were a couple of other great shots, but annoyingly, Picasa doesn't seem to like to retain the fact that I have changed--and saved--their orientation. So Blogger wants to show them to you turned sideways. Can't they just be friends? They are both Google siblings, after all.

Last year's Valentine for Dollhouse Sylvan.


  1. Mmm...makes me miss Florida! Nothing like fresh juice in the dead of winter! Love the orange/blue combo in this photo!

    And the rinds? I would love to be the queen of composting, but it just isn't happening for me here in the middle of the city. But after juicing I freeze the rinds then drop a few into our garbage disposal whenever it starts to get a bit funky. Gives it a good acid/ice scrub without the worry of harsh chemicals or severed fingers.

    And a reminder to Iris' readers...I know, this is not my blog to post info on but:
    Iris has a birthday coming up...Feb 7th.

  2. Oh that color made me feel a bit warmer this morning! When my oranges (or clementines) get soft I cut them in half, remove any seeds, and put the whole thing in the blender, rind and all. Smash it to smithereens and make a quick bread (like banana or cranberry but with citrus). It is fabulous! and tastes like summer...

  3. Yes,Yes!!!

    Oranges are good for your SOUL!!!



  4. that is such a great idea! sometimes ours get too yucky too. i am going to start juicung them if they do not get eaten up. thanks for sharing!